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Lights! Sound! Ritz!

kickstarter-logo-www-mentorless-com_.jpghttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/toppielincicome/lights-sound-action-ritzclick the above picture to link to our kickstarter account.

We are taking on our most ambitious show season ever and the integrity of the acts we are bringing deserve the best technical support we can give them.

this is only the start of things to come.  We need new light and sound to rise to the level the acts coming to our stage deserve.

We are partners with a community children's acting academy, Creative Magic Acting Academy.  Creative Magic is bringing 4 productions to our historic stage in the next 10 months.  October 10,11, & 12, Creative Magic presents Disney's Little Mermaid, they have already invested $3,000.00 into this production which, will involve over 20 little actors and actresses.  In December they present, On The Worse Day Of Christmas. We look forward to this very funny and touching Christmas story.

In early 2014 Creative Magic will bring another play yet to be announced and in the Spring of 2014 they will present Disney's Jungle Book. Creative Magic is proud to have the Ritz their as their home and we look forward to drawing other creative community endeavors such as this.

October 19, the Ritz will see the return of Bilge Pump Pirates.  This riotous rough*and*tumble crew of pirates raised a ruckus at the Ritz last year with their CD release party playing to a near full house. The Bilge Pumps will be featured with the internationally recognized Celtic band Tullamore just returning from a tour in Scotland. We expect The Bilge Pumps and Tullamore to fill the house and bring a performance our community will long remember.  These acts deserve the best sound and light available.

There are some community favorites for which we hope to raise the bar.  Fright Night, Shawnee's Got Talent and introducing a new show, The Nightmare Workshop. 

Community folks have come to look forward to our Halloween production Fright Night October 24 - 26.  This walk through haunted theater comedy/horror features several small stop off vignettes, many regional ghost stories and legends involving occurrences in Shawnee Oklahoma. This year we add a new attraction to our arsenal of fear, The Nightmare Workshop. This psychological thriller leaves no phobic stone unturned and will literally keep people on the edge of their seats, welcome to The Nightmare Workshop (October 31 - November 1).  You will breath a sigh of relief at the end of this mental roller coaster and then run to get in line for the next showing.

June of 2014 we host our 3rd Annual Shawnee's Got Talent.  This talent show is becoming a true community favorite and tradition in excellence for aspiring entertainers in and around the Shawnee area.  There are 3 categories, Children, Teens, & Adults. Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are awarded.  Our biggest trophy and a cash prize is reserved for an overall Grand Prize Winner.
The 8 channel sound system, floor lights we installed ourselves, and one spot light, have served us well, but as our shows are becoming more sophisticated, it is vital to our efforts to take the next level.  New light and sound systems will take our productions from black and white into technicolor.  For this to become a reality we need your help and with your help we are confident we can do it! 



The 2nd Annual Shawnee's Got Talent event was a success!

Please take a moment and let us know what you thought.

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We are keeping the Ritz alive by transforming it into a Performing Arts Showcase for the community of Shawnee Oklahoma.

Live Theater! Live Music !

From it's satchet in Vaudville, to films, now, back to live theater performances! Whether it was named The Cozy back in 1912 or the Ritz as it is today. This building has more than a hundred years of history.

Whether the strains of live music are wafting from the auditorium, or the laughter and sobs of live drama, the key word is live. We are trying to bring life back to our community theater. Please help us do so.



We are kicking off our Kickstarte

The Revitalization of Downtown Shawnee is Our Goal!

We are working to build and revive our community. Starting with saving our historic theater for future generations, we want The Ritz to be a showcase of live theater. Creative Magic Productions and Children's Theater now calls The RItz home and is devoted to bringing live, children's productions to this downtown venue. However, the streets of Shawnee are so rich in history that we want the Ritz to be just a start of what we hope to bring back to downtown.

Be involved in your community.

Come down to The Ritz to see a show, give your time to help produce one, or help do maintinance on the building. We need people and funds to once again bring this wonderful building to life. Our 501c(3) status make all monetary donations tax deductable.


Don't you want some great memories to carry on?